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I’m sure many of you imagine a life outside of your home country, some paradise kind of place like Costa Rica and if it would be possible to find a cool way to make money while enjoying the "good life"

How hard could it be to open a business? Is it even legal for foreigners to open businesses in Costa Rica without residency, or even the ability to speak Spanish?

What could one do?

There are many types of businesses one can buy or start in Jaco Beach, such as lodging: B&B, hotel or hostel; food preparation: fast food juice bar, formal bar & grill, or fun type beach bar, a catering service, or preparing a specialty food item; there's the adventure tourist market:   tour operator type businesses such as ATV tours, zip/canopy tours, rental/repair shops for surf boards, kayaks, fishing equipment, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, etc.   Finally there are the full time-part time consultant or service type businesses perfect for retirees who are plumbers, electricians, or part time English teachers.

Opening a business in a Costa Rica beach town is a big decision and you will need to talk with someone that will give ALL the information you need before making a purchase. There are various laws that now have to be obeyed regarding non-citizens working in Costa Rica, and these can affect your getting a business license, opening up a bank account, and working with the Costa Rican social security service called the "Caja".

Those laws do change often enough for us to recommend reviewing the legal website,

www.costaricalaw.com.  The good news is, lots of people are always opening up new businesses here, and if you are smart and or lucky, you too can become successful! 

Jeff Fisher, the owner of CRBeach.com, apart from being ONE OF the most experienced realtors in Playa Hermosa Jaco Beach, is also a FORMER restaurant OWNER AND business consultant, and his advice for new business investors coming into the region is to find a localexpert or consultant, with a lot of experience in the area,  so you can save yourself thousands of dollars by not making common costly mistakes.

Also highly recommended: Learn basic Spanish, and the correct pronunciation of your new country,

p.s. it’s not Casta Rica......

If this is a dream of yours, there are number of commercial opportunities in and around Jaco Beach. Jaco Beach commercial real estate has always been an interesting market due to its location which attracts both the highest numbers of beach visitors than any other coastal town in Costa Rica, FOR BOTH foreigners and Costa Ricans.  Right now   it’s a hot market asinventories are in a high cycle, the market has almost but not yet fully recovered from the world wide slump  , so it’s a the best time to find and get a commercial property at huge discounts.

The Jaco Walk commercial project is going to greatly affect the Jaco Central Pacific commercial market in many ways, as their per meter/square foot prices are the highest ever for either purchasing or renting their properties. 

If you are looking for a fantastic deal with Jaco Beach Commercial real estate, give us a call,  write us an email, or come on by our office located now in Sunny Playa Hermosa beach bungalows, 9 minutes from the heart of Jaco Beach, and  we would love to show you some of the best opportunities we have available. Thank you 

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 Author: Michael Klein

Published 05 October 15 10:09 by Jeff Fisher


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