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Jaco Real Estate Agent Jeff Fisher
December 25, 2013
Unbelievable that I saw this Christmas starfish while doing my morning beach walk on Hermosa Beach this morning. To show you how rare this is, not even our 35 year old Costa Rican employees have ever found one on the sand! It's a Christmas gift from the sea  (and yes this was a dead one, or I would have returned it to its maker!)
Yes the Hermosa Beach Bungalows had another fantastic holiday potluck for Christmas today at 3.00 pm.
If you are a "foodie" you should buy a bungalow just for these great community events!  We also have a new volleyball net, now all we need is a croquet set and horseshoes and I will be happy. We only have 3 bungalows now for sale, so check them out on our webpages Homes for Sale, or Playa Hermosa CR Beach Properties

 I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season, and we look forward to meeting you next year as we are expecting to have a great year.
We have a closing this morning on an Hermosa Beach Bungalow, #8, so my vacation will start tomorrow. Today I will be posting the address to view our CR Beach first video, which will be an answer to the question, Where is the best place to live in Costa Rica?.
Of course the weather here is gorgeous.....
 Holiday Rentals still available and now at a discount:
TWO (2) bedroom Condos Beachfront JACO!!
1) Bahía Azul, 3rd floor, Dec 16th thru Dec 30th $150 per night
2) Tres Regalos 4th floor Dec 14th thru 15th of January $175 per night 
*Ask for discounts for multiple days or weeks
Write directly to jeff@crbeach.com

Take advantage of the fact that Christmas vacation is still a few weeks away and the beach is
getting more crowded daily! The water is crystal clear and there is a light breeze coming off the ocean. Hotel owners are predicting one of the busiest holiday seasons ever, so now is the time
to make your January reservations.  I saw today that Minnesota has a wind-chill factor of minus
40 degrees. This is the temperature that caused my father to move us to sunny Los Angeles. I was smart enough to move to Costa Rica in 1993 and enjoy constant temperatures pleasing to the human body. And how is the temperature in Jaco, Hermosa, and Esterillos beaches?
How about a delightful average of 85 degrees during the day, 73 degrees at night, gentle breezes blowing constantly, and a fantastic water temperature on average 80 degrees. Shorts, sandals, short sleeve shirt, year round, now thats "paradise."  And remember, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no tsunamis, no typhoons, just comfortable living....

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to reflect and actually be thankful for many things, including the fact that I will be sharing it with probably 40 people at the Hermosa Beach Bungalows. It's important to note that when people consider whether to live in Costa Rica or Panama or Nicaragua, they usually look at hard costs and determine that Costa Rica is more expensive.
fact remains that many of those that have moved to foreign places other than Costa Rica, discover on a day like Thanksgiving, what makes Costa Rica so special. We got turkeys everywhere! And the sense of the "Gringo" community is much stronger here, than in the rest of Central America. Therefore I understand why many of those that moved to those other countries, choose to move back to Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

It's funny that this is the second holiday for Costa Ricans 
to adopt from us Gringos, (the other being Halloween!) and so the availability of turkey, stuffing mix, pumpkin pies, and cranberries is widespread. So yes, I am thankful to be living in Playa Hermosa-Jaco, Costa Rica, in a gated beachfront community, surrounded by pretty great people.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  
YOU will be seeing many web site changes in the coming week as Google has forced me to become more "social media" relevant, regarding Costa Rica real estate Jaco, and all things Tico! You can now see exactly where we are in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica by checking google maps.
It's very important that you start learning spanish, as you'll be surprised at how much more respect and lower prices you can get when speaking the native tongue. Whether it's with Rosetta Stone or any number of  language schools either online or in Jaco, remember that learning a second language helps to improve your brain power. Check out our Learn these Words page for Costa Rica spanish phrases.
Good luck everyone with making your reservations for beach homes Costa Rica, 
December thru February, as things are filling up fast! Call now to insure you a get a nice place either beachfront Jaco, Playa Hermosa, or a beautiful Los Suenos oceanview condo! Or better yet, BUY NOW with so many great deals we currently have, and make some rental income money (4 weeks rentals can sometimes pay for a year of HOA fees or electric bills!)
A lovely memorial for our friend Marc was held on Saturday and now its time to help out his family by selling their two properties as fast as possible-Firesale time!  PLEASE CONSIDER ONE OF THESE HOMES FOR YOUR NEXT PURCHASE!

1. Overlooking Jaco w/ ocean views3bd, 2800 sqft, w/ pool, low HOA, orig. $400k, NOW $229,000

2. On the sand, Hermosa Palms, 100% titled-gated 7 bedrm.Originally $1.6 Million, now reduced again to $875,000 



Where does this realtor and 20 year veteran of Costa Rica live? 
Why of course my favorite place, the Hermosa Beach  Bungalows. We sold the highest priced one in April,  (see it on our Rentals page) and now we have just  3 others for sale, prices starting at $189,000 for a two bedroom, 2 bath with a huge front deck with an ocean view!  Check it out on our Homes for Sale listings page, or click on our Playa Hermosa properties for sale
The Central Pacific-Jaco beach-Playa Hermosa areas really can provide liveable income should you choose to make a "lifestyle change" and wish to purchase a small fully operational hotel or our super deal on one of Jaco's most popular restaurants. Lately I have been discussing some of the hotels for sale in Costa Rica to clients, and we do have some great opportunities. Or you could buy 3 bungalows and rent those out using our onsite rental managers. Guaranteed to make positive net income, so call us today regarding opportunities such as these!
For the new season you will also see more police on the streets, and beautiful holiday lights adorning the park and city streets. We are very happy about these positive changes as even more infrastructure improvements are being planned or have been set in motion.
I keep mentioning to people that have not been to Jaco in several years that it is "the new Jaco." Some think we still have a main street that is all gravel, not knowing that all of Jaco's major roads are paved. The town has really cleaned up, and we have the Chamber of Commerce (Cenpac) and some private individuals to thank for that!
I am now (Nov. 16th, 2013 officially) in my 21st year of living in Costa Rica, and I still love it. The weather here is fantastic almost year round, (shorts and sandals, day and night!), the people are famously friendly, and it is possible to live cheaper than home (when one includes property tax and medical expenses!), the variety of food (including organic) is better than either Nicaragua or Panama, and there are lots of ways to keep busy and be socially responsible.
Any questions, just give us a call, and please check out our other pages!
Sincerely, Jeff Fisher


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