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Jaco Costa Rica Beach Fire Sales!
UPDATED: August 26, 2011 by Jeff Fisher,
Owner-Broker CR Beach Investment Real Estate

We just sent out a newsletter in September promoting some of our firesales
that now have Seller Financing! Call or write us to get a copy!

  • Has the Global Recession "bottomed out" as some economists are stating ? 

  • Will Costa Rica's new highway to the Central Pacific, Jaco Beach area help to create another boom?  

  • Will you have waited too long, hoping for that last additional 10% discount and miss the opportunity of your dreams?

We watch the U.S. news stations, and we know what's going on in the U.S. real estate market,
because it does affect us here. However Costa Rica real estate is very different.

 Main reasons why there aren't more Fire Sales in Costa Rica:
1. Costa Rican banks did NOT make many loans to foreigners, nor even residents the past 7 years. Our banks are not in the same crisis situations as found in other countries, with bank repossessions and liquidations, foreclosures and bankruptcies. 

2. Our condo market consists primarily of purchasers who only have 10-30% invested, with the rest Owner-financed. Thus they can only discount what they have invested!   If the building isn't finished, they might only have equity of 10-30%.  Some developers are offering discounts of only 10-20% now, so as not to infuriate their previous purchasers too much.

3.  Remember, even at our peak, the prices in the Jaco Beach, Central Pacific area never reached the incredibly high price points found in other popular international tourist or retirement destinations, like Mexico. Lower building & land costs were reflected in the original sales price, so instead of $1 million for a 3 bedroom beachfront condo that is now to reduced to $400,000, in our area you might see a $600,000 condo reduced to $469,000.

4. Many properties in our Central Pacific area are in that special category for Costa Rica, 100% Fee Simple Titled Beachfront!
This is one of the reasons why prices in Playa Hermosa or Jaco have not dropped at the same rate as properties that are not beachfront.  Hermosa Bungalows and Hermosa Palms have seen reductions ranging from 10 to 20%, but there are no foreclosures in either place.  Again this relates to the above statement that the banks didn't loan money-thus no foreclosures. However prices are at their lowest in 3 years, so now is the time to buy!!!


Why Buy Now?


1.  "With crisis comes opportunity" but nobody can predict with 100% accuracy the perfect time to buy.We can show you that right now, prices are that their lowest in several years.

DURING  2011, our sales as well as other local realtors, have been very good compared

to last year. Of course, Sellers need to show that their properties have been reduced

at least 20% in price from the previous year. Again, no bank financing has hurt us, but some Sellers are willing to give owner financing. Give us a call to discuss our best deals.

2. The new Caldera (Ruta del Sol) highway from the western part of San Jose to the Central Pacific  area of course will continue to attract potential investors to our area.

Costa Rica is a small country and access to the capital San Jose, is very important for all kinds of "quality of life" issues including shopping, medical, and entertainment options. 
The appreciation of the Central Pacific Jaco beach area is thus, (dare I say) guaranteed!

3. The U.S. housing market is "flip-flopping" regarding its recovery. Our market is showing resurgence! 
Finally there is some positive news from the U.S. housing market which does affect our

market here. The faster U.S. residents can sell their homes, the faster they can come to Costa Rica to purchase properties here. 

The Opportunity is Now!
Please contact us, by phone or email, to get all our latest updates for our "fire sales and almost foreclosures!" 
CR Beach will assist you in determining which Central Pacific Jaco area properties could be reduced further in price, and which will be sold very quickly.

By simply typing your name, email, and (hopefully your phone number) below, you will be able to discover our newest listings.
We promise to respect your privacy, (we hate spam too!) and we will never share our lists with any spammers.

Best Regards,

August 26, 2011
Owner-Broker CR Beach Investment Real Estate


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