Luxury Tax Opinion rendered by Owner-Broker Jeff Fisher

Owner-Broker Jeff Fisher hopes to help your understanding of this new law by posting a mixture of facts and opinions.  Laws generally do not take effect in Costa Rica, until they are ruled upon after a challenge has been made to the Sala Cuarta (Costa Rica's version of the Supreme Court). We feel this will soon take place, prior to the required payments being due! 
Please keep in mind from December 19, 2009 to January 4, 2010,  ALL public sector employees are off on their Christmas/Year End vacation. Thus no information will be available from the municipalities nor the Registro Nacional until Monday Jan.4, 2010. The payments are SUPPOSEDLY due Jan 15, 2010, giving everybody 10 working days to figure out their tax and submit this BY COMPUTER-online as required.
Thus my professional opinion is to contact your personal attorneys for legal advice, and I promise to provide further relevant data here with i
nformation and options as they become available.
Be prepared, but don't send in anything. Read the Bob Klenz letter below. Waiting is the key.
Thank-you,  Jeff  
Published 13 December 09 03:15 by Jeff Fisher


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