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Win a Free Trip to Costa Rica!

Welcome to the CR Beach contest page!

Beginning April 1, 2008 and with the ONE TIME drawing conducted one year later, we shall be awarding one lucky couple the following:

1. 2 round-trip tickets to Costa Rica (maximum value $1200)!

2. 3 nights lodging in either Jaco or Playa Hermosa  (maximum value $375)!

3. 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 Dinners at great places (maximum value $300)!

4. $125 in colones for local purchases!

5.  Now the total value of the Contest is $2000 cash to be spent any way that you desire: (thus you may choose to sleep in your car and eat gallo pinto all day with your $2000).


The Rules of the Contest are:

1. Only for "Purchasers" of ANY CR Beach Investment Real Estate properties,  beginning April 1, 2008 until the winners are announced April 1, 2009.

2. "Purchasers" are designated as having signed Deposit and Purchase Agreements and having made ALL payments required past the point where they are no longer refundable. Thus even without having "closed" you are eligible to win!

3. One lottery ticket shall be entered with Purchaser's name for every $50,000 of the total purchase price. Example: buy a property for $300,000 and six tickets shall be entered into the giant fishbowl. Winner shall be selected by a drawing supervised by an Attorney-Notary Public and Winner will be sent notification within 24 hours of this drawing.

4. This is not a joke even though it takes place on April Fool's Day.

5. This is our little way to say thank-you to all of you who have made CR Beach more successful than we ever dreamed possible!!!


Jeff Fisher and the entire CR Beach Investment Real Estate Team!