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Travel Alert:

For the latest status of the San Jose airport and a list of all carriers’ plans, please visit the airport site in English:

Also check out: 


AEROMEXICO: Suspended operations from March 19 to April 12.
AIR CANADA: Will operate its last flight on April 3 and will suspend operations until further notice.
AIR FRANCE: Maintains its operations until March 22.
AIR PANAMA: Suspended operations from March 17 to April 2.
AIR TRANSAT: The last flight will be on March 22, departing with passengers for Toronto, then suspending its operations until further notice.
ALASKA: Will suspend operations from Sunday March 22 until April 12.
ALBATROS: Operations are suspended until April 17. It will have two rescue flights on March 20 and 27.
AMERICAN AIRLINES: Suspending operations from March 26 to the beginning of May.
AVIANCA: Suspending all international flights from March 23 until April 30. 
BRITISH AIRWAYS: Will suspend operations from March 30 to June 27.
CONDOR: Operations are suspended from March 19 to April 16. There is a rescue flight from March 21 to March 22.
COPA AIRLINES: Suspending all international flights through April 21. 
DL786-1396 will operate until March 28, inclusive.
DL900-903 will operate until March 31, inclusive.
DL325-DL902 will operate until March 31, inclusive.
In April, it will only operate flights DL900-DL903 on April 18 and 25.
It is estimated to resume normal operations gradually from May 2.
EDELWEISS: To date, the information is as follows:
March 20: WK36 ZRH-SJO / March 20 WK37 SJO-ZRH
March 22: WK36 ZRH-SJO / March 23 WK37 SJO-ZRH
March 24: WK36 ZRH-SJO / 25 March WK37 SJO-ZRH
March 27: WK5036 ZRH-SJO / WK37 SJO-ZRH
March 29: WK5036 ZRH-SJO / WK37 SJO-ZRH
Further operations to be confirmed after the last date.
IBERIA: Suspending flights on the dates: March 25, 28, 29, 30 and 31. April data pending. 
INTERJET: From March 20 to April 13, there will only be flight AIJ3920 and AIJ3921 at noon. On March 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, and 28 and April 01, 08, and 12, operates flight AIJ3923 and AIJ3922.
JETBLUE: Suspended operations from March 19 to April 12.
KLM: For winter itinerary, operations run until March 28. An extra flight is in process for March 26.
LATAM: Suspended operations from March 16 to April 13.
LUFTHANSA: Suspended its operations from March 22 to April 13.
SKYWAY: Canceled international operations to Bocas del Toro from March 20 until further notice.
SOUTHWEST: Suspending operations to Costa Rica from March 23 to May 3. Two flights are scheduled for March 19 and March 22 in rescue mode to take passengers to the United States.
SPIRIT AIRLINES: will maintain its operations from April 1 to 7, then suspend flights NKS335-338. It will suspend operations from April 8 to 21. 
UNITED AIRLINES: Last flights will depart on March 25 and return to operations on May 5.
VOLARIS: Suspends flights VOC4090-4091 (SJO-SAL-LAX) VOC4082-4083 (SJO-SAL-KIAD) VOC4084-4085 (SJO-SAL-JFK) VOC4092-4093 (SJO-SAL-GUA-LAX). The airline reports that it suspends operations until mid-April.
WESTJET: Last flight is on March 21 and is then suspended until further notice.
WINGO: Canceling operations from March 20 to April 30.
Cargo airlines are maintaining normal itineraries to SJO. Passengers should rely on their airline for the latest information, as the situation is rapidly evolving.

Liberia International Airport in Guanacaste has not shared detailed information about route suspensions; check with your airline for further information.

Costa Rica is not allowing tourists to enter the country until April 13 in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.


OMG, what clothes to bring to Costa Rica? 


(but lots of micro climates)

1. Costa Rica's Central Valley is famous for having some of the best weather in the world, due to its' mountainous location yet only 9 degrees from the equator. The temperatures during the day can be around 70 F.; or 3-8 degrees cooler than the beaches, but at night the difference can be as high as 20 degrees.  So its not uncommon to have daytime temperatures of 75 F. that dip to 55 F. at night.
There are lots of micro-climates: so you could experience 95 F. degree afternoons in Santa Ana, and 10 minutes away, at night, be freezing in the mountains of Escazu. Arenal can have similar temperature fluctuations.

Rainy season in San Jose is pretty similar to the beaches, from May till November with the worst month being October and the worst period normally from Sept. 25th to November 25th..

2.  The beaches can be divided between north, central and south, Atlantic and Pacific.  Here in Jaco, our temperatures are the best of any beach area south of Mexico, because of how the bay is shaped and the cooling breezes we receive. During the day, Central Pacific temperatures can average between 76-90 F.; while either north in Guanacaste, or south in the Osa peninsula, temperatures can average 85-95 F.
In the Jaco area, the nights comfortably cool down, while the other regions
things can still seem warm.  The Caribbean side seems muggier more often than anywhere else, and they do have almost the opposite schedule of the rainy season as the Pacific. Check the weather on google before you come!!!
Remember what happens in San Jose sometimes stays in San Jose, so if you want the weather for the Pacific, check Puntarenas as an indicator.

Easy way to remember the difference between Celcius & Fahrenheit:
82 F. is 28 C.


Pack light: Bring comfortable, hand-washable clothing. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable in San José though frowned upon in Government offices.  100% cotton shirts and shorts are recommented
AT night it can get chilly away from the beaches, so bring long pants,
 a few long sleeve shirts;and a light weight jacket.

In San Jose, if planning to go out in the evening, slacks are highly recommended as some restaurants won't admit you in shorts or sandals.
Yes jeans are popular, especially with a sport coat for upper class events.

 100% long-sleeve shirts and pants are recommended if you take any day trips out to smaller towns, where immodest attire is frowned upon.
IN general, Costa Ricans' take pride in their clothing, especially in the San Jose suburbs, either Escazu, Santa Ana or Curridibat.

Bring a large hat to block the sun from your face and neck.
Pack a couple long sleeve shirts, a light sweater, sweatshirt or lightweight jacket for San José's cool nights for trips up volcanoes.  Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots are essential if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing and hiking.
Waterproof hiking sandals or other footwear that lets your feet breathe are good for strolling about town, and also for beach walking, fording streams, and navigating the myriad mudholes you'll find on rain and cloud forest trails.

If going to the beach, obviously you'll want light, cool, clothing, swimwear, shades, etc. and the standard fare is shirts, shorts, sandals (with straps is better than flipflops!).;
but there is a 10,000 colones fine for wearing shorts and dark socks with either tennis shoes or sandals during the day!

In Jacó Beach, you can purchase just about anything you may have forgotten, from sexy bikinis to
to Ayurvedic toothpaste to digital cameras...we've got it all!

Bring the CR Beach language tips found on our page, "Learn these Words" (please remember if you
are from Canada, Great Britain, or the Boston area-its Co-sta Rica not Casta Rica!) . Costa Rica is not a "3rd world" country, where getting supplies is difficult.If you forget your camera battery pack or the computer recharge-cord, you can most likely get them at a Radio Shack for twice the U.S. price, or at Walmart-for only 25-50% more than the U.S.  Yes there are tons of places to buy mosquito repellent or suntan lotion, but probably double the U.S. price.
All in all, our temperatures are similar to summers in San Diego, California, with a little Miami mixed in.....
Jeff's super tip: bring good sandals with you, (prefavorably with a back strap), because the sidewalks here, (where they exist) can tear up the most expensive pair of flipflops in a second, (and possibly with your face kissing our famous black ants.)  Remember in Costa Rica,  if you trip and fall, it's your fault-there are no personal injury lawsuits here......

Have a great time while here, and Pura Vida!


`Beginning Jan 22,2018, TSA will institute new identification requirements. See them here:

Airlines that fly direct to Costa Rica   (New info from Tico Times:)

Canadian airline Air Transat will connect both Costa Rican Int'l Airports, Liberia and San José, with Vancouver starting Dec. 20 when it launches twice-weekly service between the three cities. The seasonal route will last through April 25, 2020, as part of the leisure airline’s Mexican, Caribbean and Central American focus during Canadian winters.Air Transat’s Airbus A321LR aircraft departed Vancouver (YVR) at 6:30 a.m. local time Wednesday and will land in Alajuela (SJO) at approximately 3:45 p.m. Following a one-hour layover, the flight will proceed to Liberia, Guanacaste (LIR) before returning to Vancouver.
The return flight will leave Costa Rica at 6:40 p.m. local time with a scheduled arrival in Vancouver at 12:20 a.m. The triangle route is similar to KLM’s offering from Amsterdam to Liberia through San José.

 Air Transat also offers direct flights from Toronto (YYZ) and Montreal (YUL) to both of Costa Rica’s international airports. The Montreal-San José route is operated on behalf of Air Canada.
This weekend Maria Amalia Revelo, Ministry of Tourism announced that European airlines Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Edelweiss and Condor intend to increase the number of direct flights to Costa Rica.

" At present, there are eight airlines offering flights between Europe and Costa Rica, seven of them directly and one with a scale, as a result of its strategy of attracting airlines," said Revelo.According to the Ministry of Tourism, these seven airlines expressed their total satisfaction with the results. They also noted that they were surprised by the reception that they have had in the markets they serve.

The institute also announced new flights from Canada. The institute and the Canadian airline Air Transat announced that there will be two direct flights from Toronto to airports in Costa Rica, one to the Daniel
Oduber Airport in Liberia and another to the Juan Santamaría Airport in Alajuela. Air Transat operates weekly flights to San Jose from the cities of Montreal (Monday and Friday) and Toronto (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday).  For Dec. 28, the institute announced another agreement, with Sunwing Canadian airline. On that occasion, Sunwing announced the first direct flight between Vancouver and Guanacaste. Sunwing's base of operations is in Toronto, Canada. It is initially scheduled to operate until March 31, 2019, the end of the high season. Flight WG129 will operate every Sunday with a Boeing 737 MAX.

In December, British Airways announced that it is increasing the number of direct passenger flights
between London Gatwick and Juan Santamaría airport. The flights increased from two to three a
week during the high season.

Jet Blue Airline announced an increase of flights between John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste. The flight from New York arrives at Liberia every Saturday at 2:49 p.m. and 10:14 p.m. during high season with the aim of giving a premium service to all tourists.

Check this OLDER table below to see which airlines have flights to Costa Rica…
and where to catch that direct flight.

Airlines that fly to Costa Rica

Airline Non-stop available? Departure City
Aeromexico Yes Mexico City
Air Canada Yes Toronto
Air Panama Yes Panama City
Alaska Airlines Yes Los Angeles
American Airlines Yes Charlotte, NC
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Avianca Yes Mexico City
Panama City
British Airways Yes Gatwick
Continental Yes Newark
Copa Yes Panama City
Delta Yes Atlanta
Los Angeles
Edelweiss Air Yes Zurich
Frontier Yes Denver
Iberia Yes Madrid
Interjet Yes Mexico City
JetBlue Yes NYC
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Yes (starts Oct 2017) Amsterdam
Southwest Yes Fort Lauderdale
Spirit Air Yes Ft. Lauderdale
Thomson Yes London
United Yes Chicago
Washington (IAD)
US Airways Yes Charlotte, NC
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Volaris Yes Guadalajara

Where can you fly into in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has two main airports. The San Jose International (or Juan Sanataria Airport), SJO, is located in Alajuela, just north of San Jose. This has been the main airport flying into Costa Rica.and will be for many more years until the new Orotina Airport gets start (completed by 2025?)

The other airport is Liberia International (Daniel Oduber Airport), LIR, which is located in the northern western part of Costa Rica-where it's really really hot and windy. If you fly into Libera you will likely end up taking a secondary domestic flight to get to your destination in Costa Rica.

Perhaps easy way to find a cheap flight to Costa Rica is to use the new
Google Flight Search or Kayak or ....



(Juan Santamaria Int'l Airport)



Costa Rica Flight Information: Updated March 14, 2013

PLEASE GOOGLE ALL QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE (and specify the time as "within the last month."



Yes, there is a departure tax for all foreigners, $28 accepted in U.S. dollars, colones, Euros, credit cards ....

 Costa Rica has always been a popular spot for North American travelers, and with airline and hotel specials overflowing the web, it has reached another level of accessibility.
Costa Rica's proximity to major hubs in the United States and the multitude of flight options makes it easy for travelers to vacation there. It is a two and half hour flight from Miami, a five-hour flight from New York, a four-hour flight from Dallas and a six-hour flight from Los Angeles.



AUTOMATED FLIGHT INFO: 2437-2626 - English-9 Arrival-1 Departures-2 

GENERAL AIRPORT INFO - Client Services: 2443-1737 / 2443-1244-fax (5am-10pm)  (they speak GOOD English & are REALLY helpful with ANY questions you have!!)

AIRPORT TAXI: www.TaxiAeroPuerto.

 Domestic airlines that travel within the country
Contact SANSA at (506)2221-9414 or Nature Air at (506) 2220-3054.

AIRPORT PARKING (at terminal): $11/day / 890 colones/hour (2440-6700 /2437-2400)

Air Canada - 2441-8025-English-
9 8am-1pm Mon.-Sat. / 0800-052-1988  /
Air Comet - 2291-0684 / www.AirComet.
Air France - 2220-4119 / www.AirFrance.
Air Madrid - 2296-4559 / www.AirMadrid.
Air Panama / Air Costa Rica - 2296-8592 / www.FlyAirPanama.
Air Transat - 2441-9444 / www.AirTransat.
America West - 2430-6690 / 0800-0110888 / www.AmericaWest.
com American - 2442-8800 / 257-1266 /

AVIANCA-(includes Lacsa-Taca)
Continental - 2442-1904 / 0800 044 0005 / www.Continental.
Condor - 2430-4787 (air panama) / 2441-9444 /
Copa - 2441-4742 / 2223-2672 /
Cubana - 2430-4787 / 2221-6918 /
Delta - 2440-4805 / 0800-056-2002 /
Iberia - 2441-5635 / 2257-8266 /
KLM - 2220-4111 /
MartinAir - 2440-8848 / 2232-3246 / www.MartinAir.
Nature Air - Pavas Airport-2299-
6070 / Res-2299-6000 /
SANSA - 2221-9414 /
Spirit Airlines - 800-756-7117 /
United - 0-8000-521-243 /
USAir - 2430-6690 / 2520-0593 / www.USAirways.
West Carribean - 2291-0580 /



What kind of inoculations do I have to take to Costa Rica?

No vaccines are required to enter Costa Rica.

One of the great things about Costa Rica are the many pharmacies, that do not require a prescription for most medicines.  And they will sell you a couple of pills instead of having to buy an entire box.  Some pharmacies will even give you shots. The idea is that the pharmacists are very well trained and this helps to take pressure off the overextended socialized Costa Rican medical system.

Yes you can buy those little blue pills without a prescription, ahem,

I've been told!

How do I bring my pet to Costa Rica?


Import  health requirements for dogs and cats 

Dogs and cats entering Costa Rica must have a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, and endorsed by a Veterinary Service (VS) veterinarian. The examination for the certificate must be conducted within the two weeks prior to travel to Costa Rica.

Health Certificate Statements

  1. The dog/cat was examined and found to be healthy and free of any clinical signs of infectious disease.
  2. The animals were vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus.

Vaccination Requirements

  1. distemper
  2. hepatitis
  3. leptospirosis
  4. parvovirus.
  5. rabies – for animals 4 months or older



  1. The examination for the certificate must be conducted within the two weeks prior to travel to Costa Rica.

  2. Please use a State of Federal  US Interstate and International Certificate for Small Animals.

  3. Enclose rabies vaccination certificate.


  • The Health Certificate does NOT need to be signed by a Notary Public, nor does it have to be authenticated by the Consulate of Costa Rica.

  • Animals exported in commercial lot numbers must be accompanied by an import permit.

  • Goldfish are not required to have health certificates.