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Hi There:
Please note that 5 years ago, I decided to close my international headquarters in the center of Jaco and now am working out of my home office in a very special area of North Jaco beach, Garabito, Costa Rica.
I have been living in this Garabito area of the Central Pacific, for over 18 years now,  (moved to San Jose, Costa Rica Nov. 1993) so I know how great Playa Hermosa & Jaco are for:  beachfront living, rental income possiblilities, as well as home equity growth. Regarding the rumor about the new Orotina international airport (Sorry! IT'S BEEN postponed indefinitely,  maybe now lets dream about a Jaco Beach Pier!)
How are you protected in buying Costa Rican property?
1. We use a Costa Rica & U.S. licensed Escrow company; your funds are
released only with your signed permission!
2. After you receive your lawyer's Due Diligence property report,
you may cancel the sale and receive your full deposit back, minus
only the English speaking lawyers' $500 Due Diligence research fee: 

To read about the Buying process in Costa Rica, 
 CR Beach can help you with: 
  • Finding and negotiating the best deals, bargains, and firesales involving Jaco beach Costa Rica area real estate properties including gated communities like the Hermosa Beach Bungalows; Los Sueños, Hermosa Palms beach front,  La Flor Beachfront, Punta Leona, CDS and many others. After all, not to many Gringo realtors have been living in Costa Rica since 1993!
  • Buying ONLY Costa Rica TITLED beachfront land, whether for beach front and oceanside lots for sale or high up in the glorious hills with stunning unforgettable views of the Central Pacific area, where you can build now or retire to in the future. We'll help you find architects, builders, and other qualified professionals to make your Costa Rica life more enjoyable.

  • Investment, commercial & business listings and properties for sale like Costa Rica hotels for sale, Jaco MicroBrewery, Jaco beach restaurants (says Realtor- former Restaurant owner Chef Jeff), bars, nightclubs for sale, or even something a little unique which could be in great demand, next year at this time.
    We'll offer you the best in Costa Rica farms for sale: from teak farms, cacoa plantations, coffee farms or oil palm plantations to our favorite Costa Rica shrimp farm for sale. 



Presenting Costa Rica Real Estate Broker-Owner Jeff Fisher

Jeff's Bio:
Welcome to CR Beach. 
Doesn't it make sense to use a realtor who lives and breathes the area that he specializes in?  Shouldn't you ask what neighborhood your realtor lives in?
I have been a resident of Playa Hermosa de Jaco beach, Garabito County, Puntarenas, since 2005, and after 16 years, it still remains as my favorite place I have lived during my 28 years in Costa Rica.  I still walk on the beach in front of my Hermosa Beach Bungalow almost every morning, and in the evening, I get to see fantastic sunsets!.
1. Moved permanently  to Costa Rica in November of 1993, after vacationing here in 1992. Was married to a Tica, and have been a legal resident since 1994.
2. Worked real estate in San Jose's best neighborhoods as Great Places Real Estate for over 7 years before moving near Flamingo, Guanacaste.
3. Worked for Century 21 Tamarindo, received my CRGAR real estate certificate & affiliated with the Int'l Nat'l Association of Realtors, U.S.A. during "the boom" from September of 2004 till Dec. of 2005,  when I wisely moved to the Hermosa Beach Bungalows Dec. 2005 & still loving it.)   
4. Opened up CR Beach Investment Real Estate in March, 2006 and had a really nice office in Jaco centro, but 10 years later I opened up a home office in the Playa Hermosa beach bungalows.    
5.  Have any questions?
After 22 years in Costa Rica real estate, if i don't know, i do know who does!   I'll be happy to share my opinions about why one should be cautious about Concession Land/ Zona Maritima, and why i like the Central Pacific better than Guanacaste!    Pura Vida!
EMAIL: jeff@crbeach.com                                         SKYPE:  crbeachjeff
TEL: Costa Rica +011(506) 4700-1010   WHATSAPP:+1(506)8388-5055

Write or call us, we love it here, and are always thrilled to help people discover the charm of Costa Rica.....
Pura Vida,
to call us in Costa Rica:
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+1 (506) 8388-5055
EMAIL US:  jeff@crbeach.com 

Central Pacific Real Estate Regions


We live here - we know - we love Costa Rica and we believe in Costa Rica real estate for the Central Pacific, Puntarenas and especially Jaco areas featuring:

Jaco Beach Costa Rica Real Estate Properties Jaco real estate offers a broad selection of properties such as: beachfront luxury condos, condo deals, beachfront homes, oceanside communities,  homes lots, land, and commercial & business opportunities for sale, teak farms, or vacation or retirement communities for Baby Boomers, development properties.

Jaco is Costa Rica's largest beach community on the Central Pacific, with more than 10,000 full time residents and retirees and growing. Jaco contains all of the municipal government & business services, making life so much easier.  There are many options for whatever your family needs: modern grocery stores, restaurants, activities, community centers, emergency medical services and much more. 


Playa Hermosa Jaco Beach Costa Rica Real Estate Properties Puntarenas Playa Hermosa beach has attracted a great many Gringos that appreciate the privacy of ocean living. Play Hermosa is considered a  "suburb" of Jaco because of it close proximity. Located only 6 minutes south of Jaco, this self sustained beach lifestyle community is one of our favorite places to live and retire in all of Costa Rica. Popular with international surfers, Baby Boomers, retired beachcombers, and those looking for titled beachfront land in Costa Rica!

Listings for Playa Hermosa: ocean view or beachfront luxury condos, homes, beachfront communities, condominiums, townhouses, including unique development such as Hermosa Palms and Hermosa Paradise bungalows which are wonderful beachfront communities to live, invest or retire in. Excellent prices for 100% titled beachfront land can be found in Playa Hermosa as well.

Los Sueños Herradura Costa Rica Real Estate Los Suenos Marina & Golf Resort is about an  1100 acre 5 Star destination resort and in many ways the ideal active Baby Boomer vacation and retirement community that includes private 600 acre rainforest reserve; a 201 room plus five star Marriott hotel; over 500 luxury residences, including single-family luxury homes, lots, luxury ocean view condominiums and lavish villas; a full service 200 slip international renowned marina; an exclusive Beach Club; an 18 hole championship golf course surrounded by lush tropical forest with ocean views.  Across the bay is a brand new condo development we are waiting for called Punta Bocana. Located only 10 minutes from Jaco, and only 2 minutes from our favorite ultra modern grocery, Auto Mercado, this is a fantastic piece of paradise with some of the finest real estate Costa Rica has to offer - perfect for young families, and retirees alike. 

Punta Leona Costa Rica Real Estate This is paradise not only for honeymooners but for active retirees. This property offers the top rated 5 Star white sand beach in all of Costa Rica, plus more than 800 acres of tropical forest. All types of family and retirement activities are included for free! A Baby Boomers' Costa Rican vacation, investment community that offers all services and amenities. Ten minutes north of here is Tarcoles, while Jaco is only thirteen minutes south.

Available properties: ocean view or beachfront luxury to discounted homes, condos, townhouses, villas, land, lots, development properties, and even Punta Leona business-commercial properties.

Esterillos Costa Rica Real Estate Located only 15 minutes south of Jaco and 30-45 minutes from Manuel Antonio, Esterillos Oeste and Esterillos Este beaches are internationally respected as being some of the finest beaches and retirement communities in the Costa Rica Central Pacific.Properties and Listings for Esterillos Costa Rica Real Estate include: ocean view, beachfront luxury and discounted homes; beach houses, lots, land, development properties for sale, teak, shrimp and palm farms for sale;   as well as business, commercial properties including beachfront hotels and restaurants for sale! 

Manuel Antonio Quepos Costa Rica Real Estate Manuel Antonio is the most famous Costa Rican national park and tropical beaches but now, it features a brand new marina and expanded mini airport. This is expected to enhance growth to the area. Manuela Antonio is located only one hour south of Jaco. Perfect for nature lovers and Baby Boomer's looking for the ideal community. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica real estate is world renowned offering world class ocean view or beachfront, homes, houses, condominiums, townhouses, villas, land, lots, and Manuel Antonio commercial properties as well.

Bejuco Beach Costa Rica Real Estate Located 25 minutes south of Jaco, Bejuco Beach Costa Rica is another one of our favorite Central Pacific places. A stunning coastal landscape, this piece of tropical paradise is a perfect place to have your dream home. There are lovely communities for vacationers, retirees, beach lovers, surfers, golfers and fishermen. A great place for those who want to be exactly in between Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio!

Parrita Costa Rica Real Estate Puntarenas Parrita, Central Pacific Costa Rica has been growing lately since their pricing is about 20% less than other places and it truly feels like old Costa Rica. Located 30 minutes south of Jaco, Parrita is now only 10 minutes north of Quepos Manuel Antonio.  


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