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Short & Long Term

Please note: Now i mainly refer rentals to other rental companies these days, and my favorite is for the Hermosa Beach Bungalows, I invite you to write to Brian Engstrom at:

or try in the U.S.: 714-464-3214

or in Costa Rica: 011-506-2643-1428 or 011-506-8949-4045

The Jaco beach, Playa Hermosa Jaco or Central Pacific areas of Costa Rica have plenty of rentals available in all price ranges. Whether for a luxury weekend, inexpensive short term, or long term rental with option to buy, we can offer a few fantastic places to rent.
We have our favorites for every budget and necessity, including resorts for getting married, private suites for enjoying the honeymoon, or separate hotel rooms for celebrating an amicable divorce.

 For long term rentals please be prepared to pay first and last month's rent, plus a deposit since most of these rentals do come furnished. 
Send me an email with your dates, how many people, any pets, any special requests, preferable price range, and i will be happy to help you get the best place for the best price.......



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Our Favorite Beachfront Rentals Are Playa Hermosa Beachfront Bungalows!

     Hermosa Beach Bungalows Costa Rica   


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