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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals
 Jaco Beach, Central Pacific area  

Short & Long Term

Please note: Now i mainly refer rentals to other rental companies these days, and my favorite is for the Hermosa Beach Bungalows, I invite you to write to Brian Engstrom at:
or try in the U.S.: 714-464-3214
or whatsapp +1 (506) 8949-4045
The Jaco beach, Playa Hermosa Jaco or Central Pacific areas of Costa Rica have plenty of rentals available in all price ranges. Whether for a luxury weekend, inexpensive short term, or long term rental with option to buy, we can offer a few fantastic places to rent.
We have our favorites for every budget and necessity, including resorts for getting married, private suites for enjoying the honeymoon, or separate hotel rooms for celebrating an amicable divorce.
 For long term rentals please be prepared to pay first and last month's rent, plus a deposit since most of these rentals do come furnished. 
Send me an email with your dates, how many people, any pets, any special requests, preferable price range, and i will be happy to help you get the best place for the best price.......


Whether for long term or short, when planning your stay

in Jaco or the surrounding areas,such as the luxurious Los Suenos, or the more private Hermosa Beach, if you need a place, allow us to recommend:

1.) a romantic beachfront condo residence for rent at reduced rates.....

2.) a beachfront bungalow in a lovely gated community found 9 minutes south of Jaco in Playa Hermosa.

3.) a stay in one of the renowned condo-hotels in the area at all pricepoints.

4.) an elegant 7 bedroom mansion in the exclusive area of Los Suenos Marina & Golf Resort.

5.) a dimly lit cozy cabina in a yoga retreat just minutes from Jaco.

As you can see, we can help you find exactly what you need and hopefully at the price you would like to pay. We live here because we love it, and we would like to make you our latest happy client and friend. We even will cheerfully refund your vacation rental payment if you decide to buy that unit!

If you decide to purchase and want to turn around and rent YOUR property, be assured that we will have given you all of the pertinent information to make the best business decisions regarding rental income potential.  Our goal is to help you realize your dreams! 


We live here-we know-we love Costa Rica especially the Central Pacific-Puntarenas Province areas 

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Our Favorite Beachfront Rentals Are Playa Hermosa Beachfront Bungalows!

     Hermosa Beach Bungalows Costa Rica    for Hermosa Beach Bungalow rentals!


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