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Thinking of moving to Costa Rica?

Wondering what types of businesses are available to you should you choose not to lay in a hammock all day sipping margaritas and watching the surf pound the shore?

The talented crew of CR Beach have a lot of experience in various areas that might be beneficial to you as you begin your new adventure.


Areas of Expertise include:

Restaurant Ownership and Consulting Services:
1. Finding the perfect location
2. Initiating the bureacratic process
3. Designing the perfect menu
4. Creating the perfect atmosphere
4. To sell liquor vs. fast food
5. Hiring the right staff
6. Purchasing supplies

7. Creating the right "buzz"
8. Keys to success

Concert Promotion & Music Production:
See Colin Miller


Casino Consulting:
1. Understanding government regulations
2. Choosing the right location
3. Purchasing the supplies
4. Hiring the right staff
5. Publicity
6. Keys to Success


Equine Consulting:

1. Purchasing for fun or competition

2. Boarding facilities

3. Showing

4. Training

5. Riding camps

6. Tours

7. Farriers/vets

8. Transportation

9. Grain/Hay

10. Equipment/ Apparel




Our Staff is available to assist you by the hour or by
the assignment. Please contact us for more information.


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