CR Beach Historic & Current: Photo Albums


CR Beach Investment Real Estate opened its office in the center of Jaco beach, April, 2006, & opened the second office November 2007.  We downsized the 2 offices into one in 2012, and then made them invisible,  April 2016.
Working now, out of the Hermosa Beach bungalow office, in the lovely beautiful beach community of Playa Hermosa de Jaco, in the canton of Garabito, (and btw, Jaco is the capital of Garabito!).

There were about 10 other people who did work for CR Beach, and i want to thank each one for their contributions, sorry i couldn't find more pictures at this time........


Since 2006, living here Central Pacific, Garabito, Playa Hermosa de Jaco!


No office nor real estate shots in this section, just continuous reminders of what a truly special place this is in the World!   

Photo Album