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Issue  #1    Costa Rica, Jaco News plus 18 great fire sales you won't believe....
Playa Blanca

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It's our TEAM that makes the  difference! 
You will discover 
with CR Beach the 
benefits of having an 
entire office of smart,
caring professionals
ready to assist 
you in every way!
Fire Sales are happening 
 in the Jaco Central Pacific area of Costa Rica! 
#1 place to vacation, retire, or invest is right now
 Your chance to save $$$ in the
 Why Buy Now?
1. Prices are at their lowest level since pre-boom days and may have hit bottom, as demonstrated by many recent sales in our area of Costa Rica.
2. Buy now before the new highway from San Jose to Jaco is completed prior to the end of 2010. This new direct route from the capital will ensure another boom in our area.
3. Your dream property is available now at the price you have been waiting for!  
We are busier than ever with cash buyers getting great deals. Don't miss out just because you waited too long to see if it would drop "just a little more."
Please look below for great deals!

CONDOS:  Great locations-Great prices!

 We are seeing some deals where the owners are losing money! Its your time to buy ocean views or beachfront!
1.New Hermosa Apartments: 2bd. 2.5 ba, 1440sq.ft.,
   pool, quiet & secure only $119,000  
2. Herradura luxury: 3 minutes to Jaco or Herradura 
2.5 ba., 2236 sq.ft., was $371k  almost new,
    now  $198,500   More info & photos
3. Adamar (Ramada Jaco Bay) 8th floor OceanView
    Luxury, 1 block from the Jaco sand. 3 bdrm, 2 ba.,    
    rental program,
1517 sq.ft. furniture optional, $120k
    reduced, now $298,000   More info & photos 
 4. Big Wave Condo: Jaco beachfront complex 1 yr old,
    2bd.2ba. 1200 sq.ft., gym, secure, was $379k, now
    $298,000   More info & photos
Call CR Beach 1-888-782-1119 or visit:  
Condo Listings Page  
5. The Dreams Resort: best beachfront unit, privacy,
    3rd floor,dramatic views, elevator, 3bdrm, 2.5
    ba. 2200sq.ft.
was $1,250,000 
now $775,000 
         HOMES:   opportunities now!
Our Jaco area covers Hermosa and Esterillos beaches to the south; to the north: Los Suenos-Herradura and Punta Leona. 
 1. Hermosa Beach Chalets: beach front community, 
    2bdrm, 1-2 ba., 1100 sq. ft, 2 yr. rental program, $229k
 2. Hermosa Fantastic: 3 bdrm w/ loft, 4 ba., 1700
   sq.ft., lots of wood & 7000 sq.ft.lot, $295,000  
3. Jaco Almost Beachfront: ocean views, only 50 ft.
    to the sand: 3 bdrm, 3 ba. 1800 sq.ft., lot 3500 $379,000
4. Bejuco House: 2 bdrm, 1 ba., 1500sq.ft., lot 5000 sq. ft.
    gated community, 400 m from beach  $129,000

    Call CR Beach 1-888-782-1119 or visit:
                                        Homes Listings Page
            LOTS OF LOTS:    (for a lot off!)
Central Pacific surrounding areas land-lots for sale: ocean
view 1.25 acre lots or beach front from 4000 sq.ft.  
1. Jaco Ocean Mountain lots: 32,990 sq.ft. or 3,066 m2      gated community, owner involved in development,
    $109,000   More info & photos 
2. Beachfront Community lot:  4000 sq.ft. or 370m2
    in an Hermosa gated community, reduced $75k to
    $124,500    More info & photos   
3. Beachfront Holiday lot: 5000 sq.ft.or 465m2, this is
    the only one left, ready to build your dream home
    quiet end of Jaco Beach:  $350,000   
4. Heaven in Hermosa oceanview lot:
    5.9 acres
stunning view, one house next door, was
     $1million. now  $525,000   More info & photos 
5. Jaco "almost beachfront" lot with 31,096 sq.ft. or
    2890 m2, best development deal in Jaco
    $39 sq.ft. $1.25 million     More info & photos
         Commercial Options
Would you like to own your own business and make tons of money while wearing shorts and sandals day and night?   Opportunities do exist from bars,  hotels, restaurants,  to shrimp-algae farms! 
1. Herradura Commercial Building: 5400 sq.ft., 6 apts.
    and 3 commercial units, close to Los Suenos, great
    rental income,  $450,000    More info & photos 
 2. Main street disco, 10,700 sq.ft. construction/land
     excellent frontage on Jaco's main road,w/ liquor
     license,  $1.1 million     More info & listing 
3. Main street commercial center, 20 + stores, 
     33,000 sq.ft. land, $3 million, views of ocean 
      possible,     More info & photos 
      1 hotel-near beach, More info & photos,  great
      central location    More info & photos

 4.  Hotels: Very near beach: 2 to choose from,
      $1,150,000-$1.5 mil.  All negotiable!
5.  Operating shrimp-algae farm, with "land only" appraising for $15 million. Total area is 415 acres, although 130 acres is the mangrove which is FREE! Being sold is: 289 acres for $34,600 acre/ $.79 sq.ft equaling 116.98 hectares for $8.55m2. The numbers prove this $10 million is a bargain: algae development is "hot".  Interested in forming a REIT?  Call Jeff.
Call CR Beach 1-888-782-1119 or  


Countries from around the world will be sending their professional surf teams to represent themduring the event scheduled from July 31 to August 8th.  Many fun events are happening this week!
The Committee of Culture in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a cultural activity  & exhibitions in Central Park Jacó during the World Surfing Games. This event is called "World Expo" and will take place from Thur. July 30 - Sun. August 2.  
"Independent British group claims Costa Ricans have world's highest life satisfaction. Central American nation also praised for its environmental efforts" 
(CNN) -- Forget Disneyland! Costa Rica is the happiest place in the world, according to an independent research group in Britain with the goal of building a new economy, "centered on people and the environment." In a report released Saturday, the group ranks nations using the "Happy Planet Index," which seeks countries with the most content people. In addition to happiness, the index by the New Economics Foundation considers the ecological footprint and life expectancy of countries. 
"Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the new world (second to Canada)," the organization said in a statement. They "also have an ecological footprint that means that the country only narrowly fails to achieve the goal of ... consuming its fair share of the Earth's natural resources." 
 This year's survey, which looked at 143 countries, featured Latin American nations in nine of the Top 10 spots.The runner-up was the Dominican Republic, followed by Jamaica, Guatemala and Vietnam.  The report, which was first conducted in 2006, covers 99 percent of the world population.
Costa Rica is the fifth cleanest country in the world, according to a recent publication in the prestigious Forbes magazine, after an environmental study on 149 countries regarding air and water quality and natural vitality, among others, done by scientists from Colombia and Yale Universities.
The Environmental Performance Indicator (EPI) study corresponds to the year 2008.   According to Forbes, the Costa Rican economy is anchored by a robust ecotourism industry that has benefitted from governmental and private efforts made to protect the country's biodiversity.  In addition, the publication highlighted that this index will continue to improve if it complies with its initiative to become the first carbon neutral, or C-neutral, nation by 2021.
The Forbes publication also stated that, contrary to what has happened in other Latin American countries, Costa Rica has been efficient in avoiding an increase in tree felling, and has also achieved a score of 97 or higher in forest, air pollution, and climate change categories.  This is due to efforts to re-forest part of the land by means of planting a specific tree species that will be used for commercial purposes.
Costa Rica is the safest nation in Latin America for businesses and multinational companies, according to the latest Latin Security Index done by FTI Consulting Ibero America in the weekly publication Latin Business Chronicle.
The index includes a danger level rating for every country, calculated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being a completely safe country and 5 the worst. Only three countries in Latin America received a 2: Costa Rica, Chile, and Uruguay. And, among those, Costa Rica rated as the safest, said Frank Holder, Senior General Manager of FTI forensic and litigation consulting, as well as a prominent Latin American security expert. 
COSTA RICA CHOSEN AS "ECO-TOURIST SPOT"             May 18, 2009 
The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), the oldest ecotourism organization in the world, selected Costa Rica as the "ecotourist destination" for the month of February, thanks to its program dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Every month, TIES selects a destination site to display to the world, and in February it chose Costa Rica for its "Clean Travel" program, a tool that allows tourists to donate money to compensate for gas emissions generated by flights to the Central American country."Clean Travel" is a Costa Rican government initiative that encourages visitors to contribute to the conservation of forests, water systems, and biodiversity by means of environmental service donations.
By the way: as the new highway from San Jose makes remarkable progress towards its completion to the Jaco area, many of you don't may not know that almost all major roads in the town of Jaco are beautifully paved and maintained!
We say thanks to the Garabito Municipality for these improvements as well as the recent widening of the beachfront road in Playa Hermosa!
Minor miracles to show that "dreams can come true" in our little paradise!
 Costa Rica

Pop:. 4,509,442

Central Bank Rate:
$1 U.S.= ¢578 colones or
¢ 1000 = $1.73
Fly to Costa Rica now before the heavy rains come in October! Flights are being offered for less than $375 and now you'll get "green season" discounts- even though it rains only an hour or so daily before September.
Colin Miller is one of the Jaco area's most experienced beach property specialist, dedicated to customer service and finding quality listings since 1999. Originally from California, Louisiana, and New Mexico, his area of expertise is Jaco, Hermosa & Esterillos.  He's also quite an accomplished musician! 

Since 2005, Theresa Wilkins'  expertise has been in the high-end market for Jaco Beach and Los Suenos Marina Resort. Although she has worked with large developers, Theresa is eager to help buyers of all price ranges find their own particular castle.
 She is originally from Virginia, Texas and Georgia.

"Lets go surfin' now"

Billabong's 2009 International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games will be held in Playa Hermosa-Jaco Beach, July 31- Aug. 9, 2009 with 35 countries participating!  

All of Jaco and Playa Hermosa have been preparing for this international  spotlight.
You will be very impressed by all the changes. Fly down here now-space is still available!
Andre Ruoff is our resident German surfer and knows all the secret spots to find your dream home within seconds of the next great wave. 
Andre has been involved in real-estate since 2004 and speaks Spanish, English,Portugese in addition to his native tongue.

Angela Airey, our beloved English and French speaking Canadian, is the "pet-friendly properties " expert . She has embodied Jaco's calmer lifestyle since 1992 and she'll be glad to divulge her secrets! Although not a surfer, Angela knows every inch of Jaco Beach better than the lifeguards. 
Contact Angela at: 
Want to have more fun in Costa Rica and save money too? 
We suggest learning some spanish before coming to Costa Rica!
From our website page "Learn these Words" 
1. buenas- (bwe-nas) used for good morning, good afternoon or good evening. You can say it all day-night long!
2. Pura Vida-(poo-ra-vee da) the most unique and popular phrase in Costa Rica, its usage is everywhere and means "everythings cool" 
3.  Con Mucho Gusto
means with much pleasure and used often in place of "your welcome."   


Jeff Fisher has been a resident of Costa Rica since 1993. As the successful CR Beach Broker-Owner, 
he is very proud of 
the agents-friends
he works with.
CR Beach`s
endorsement of the NAR Code of Ethics and devotion to their Clients, 
makes their real estate company very special. You will discover this from the first 
call you make!
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