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Thinking of moving to Costa Rica?

Wondering what types of businesses are available to you should you choose not to lay in a hammock all day sipping margaritas and watching the surf pound the shore?

The talented crew of CR Beach have a lot of experience in various areas that might be beneficial to you as you begin your new adventure.


Areas of Expertise include:

Restaurant Ownership and Consulting Services:
1. Finding the perfect location
2. Initiating the bureacratic process
3. Designing the perfect menu
4. Creating the perfect atmosphere
4. To sell liquor vs. fast food
5. Hiring the right staff
6. Purchasing supplies

7. Creating the right "buzz"
8. Keys to success

Concert Promotion & Music Production:
See Colin Miller


Casino Consulting:
1. Understanding government regulations
2. Choosing the right location
3. Purchasing the supplies
4. Hiring the right staff
5. Publicity
6. Keys to Success


Equine Consulting:

1. Purchasing for fun or competition

2. Boarding facilities

3. Showing

4. Training

5. Riding camps

6. Tours

7. Farriers/vets

8. Transportation

9. Grain/Hay

10. Equipment/ Apparel




Our Staff is available to assist you by the hour or by
the assignment. Please contact us for more information.


Costa Rica News Feed-Updated every 12 Hours!

A.M. Costa Rica top stories

With the upcoming Semana Santa holidays, an inspection report sponsored by the commerce ministry yielded startlingly high results in the number of times fishmongers failed to comply with required pricing and labeling information.

5/4/2017 12:57:16 PM

One of the country’s most pristine and biodiverse sections of the near Pacific has been designated as a marine reserve to protect it.

5/4/2017 12:50:42 PM

After a crackdown on a club and another raid yielding a substantial amount of drugs, the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública is announcing a zero-hour nationwide crackdown beginning the first of May.

5/4/2017 12:50:13 PM

A sudden rise in the water bill is hitting some of the residents and business owners from Playa Hermosa and Esterillos Oeste hard. Both areas are located in the Pacific province of Puntarenas.

5/4/2017 12:49:42 PM

The Poder Judicial will be the focus of an extensive report that will be released a week from today. This is another product of the Programa Estado de la Nación that is sponsored by the Consejo Nacional de Rectores and the Defensoría de los Habitantes.

5/4/2017 12:49:11 PM

Plenty of expats hold or formed inactive corporations to their own dwellings, motor vehicles and boats. This is an asset protection measure, and an inactive corporation does not have to file tax returns, among other benefits.

5/4/2017 12:48:36 PM

Discovery Communications Inc., owners of Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, has licensed its name to a major eco-tourism project in Guanacaste, according to a tweet Sunday night.

5/4/2017 12:48:04 PM

The lack of environmental and municipal permits along with the water distribution crisis in Guanacaste could be major roadblocks for the development of the Discovery Costa Rica theme park, announced Sunday.

5/4/2017 12:47:12 PM

U.S. officials see immigration from the south not as individual Latin Americans seeking a better life but as a network used by criminal cartels and smugglers to move hundreds of tons of drugs into the U.S, and, until recently, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.

5/4/2017 12:46:42 PM

Four U.S. family members, two of them young girls, were rescued Wednesday afternoon at Guanacaste’s Playa Flamingo. Guardacostas said their rented kayak flipped over and forced them to swim over 200 meters to nearby La Penca Island.

5/4/2017 12:46:00 PM